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My writing to didn’t increase for the year as planned. I know. Shocker.
Life is pretty distracting, you know? I all. Sorts of tasks and challenges keep popping up to distract you from the important things in life.
Like how work distracts me from pretending writing. Which is kind of ironic because work is writing. Hah hah.
I’ve written myself into a corner.
The Nemesis storyline has ballooned into something huge threatning to eat me if I don’t finish it. It’s taken me what, more than six months to get to where I am now and him still not done.
I mean, just one more story.
I know how it ends.
I’m just so scared of mucking it all up.
Newfound respect for real writers, I tell you.
What well. The back to the grind.
I should write in an explosion. Explosions make everything better.


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